Poems of Shamim Ara

Fair, God are you?

Fair,God,are you?
Among the shining stars,
Glittering waves,
Are you?
I know you are,
As true as pain.
Thing is,
I have pain and happiness
In my both hands.
Which one define my God?
Are you like human beings?
Composed of two opposing things?


A pair of eyes, a balcony view always
People come and go,
swaggering or lethargic in legs.
All are unknown faces every time.
A heart heard story enlarge,
Flash back sights only grazes,
Like the white gull amidst velvet green .


There was darkness,
So She became blind
And only long sigh.
The Road was mossy
Less travelled by,
She lost her ways
no hope to eye.


When everything is quite, silent
At the depth of night,
When Without moonlight,
Only the sounds of flapping wings,
Crickets’ scream and birds’ song
Sometimes, I hear,
Though so far
comes near.

Nocturnal animal clues and cries,
As Godlike things comes in silence.
I’m compelled to feel your presence.
Wherever you are I, wish that’s safe
I think, the place is heaven that you live.

Isn’t it a matter of happiness?
The mighty heaven’s palace!

But how, can I suffer?
Such an unspoken departure!
Sacred incense,
Sadness in whiteness,
Sings songs in air’s fresh
With heart’s noisy remorse

Lack of Love

Is it the lack of love that made him to go Iceberg?
Is it all a story of melancholia and wailing only?
A parrot should not go there,
A God’s watchword should not do suffer.
Nietzsche’s God is prevailing here,
Inactive to this Trojan war.

Waiting for Godot

We all are singing “love you’ song
In our heart ,couple of decades long,
Feeble eyes open and lips dry.

We love each other much,
No phone call!
We know each other’s eyes,
been so lost to condole.
Waiting and waiting
If Gabriel is seen on way.

Unknown,Unknown and unseen,
All we turned to vegan.
Love,love and death
Waywardness, truth or all is myth..

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